Divenet Philippines | PADI Underwater Navigator
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Dive Courses

Want to get certified to dive all of the world? Or improve your skills? Come learn with us…

PADI Underwater Navigator

Remember your first open water dive? More than likely, you were thrilled with your first venture beyond a confined water or pool dive, but perhaps somewhat disoriented. Depending upon the dive site, you might have been surprised to find out that even though you were turned around, your instructor knew exactly where you were all along. Your instructor demonstrated underwater navigation, an important diving fundamental that, as you discovered on your subsequent dives, you learn and apply easily through a few principles and practice.

What You Learn

• Navigation dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and potential problems
• Methods of estimating distance underwater
• Natural navigation techniques
• Using underwater patterns
• Dive site relocation techniques
• Compass navigation techniques
You will need 3 underwater navigation dives to complete this specialty.


To enroll in the PADI Underwater Navigator Diver Specialty, you must
• Be 10 years or older
• Have a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver certification (or have a qualifying certification from another

The Learning Materials You Need

• PADI Underwater Navigator Diver manual

Course Fee

Php 12,500/person

• Instructions
• PADI Underwater Navigator Diver Manual
• PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty certification card
Excludes: Resort related costs

Your Next Adventure
PADI Underwater Navigator Diver certification counts toward your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating – the highest non-professional rating in recreational diving.

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