Divenet Philippines | PADI Search & Recovery Diver
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Dive Courses

Want to get certified to dive all of the world? Or improve your skills? Come learn with us…

PADI Search & Recovery Diver

Hang around water, and search and recovery is inevitable. Whether it’s something a friend drops from a boat, losing your fin in the surf or a bracelet that bounced off a dock, eventually you’ll need to or will be asked to search for something underwater. But that’s one of the cool things about being a diver: provided the object isn’t too deep, too big or in a hazardous environment, it’s not gone. It’s just wet.

What You Learn

• Search & recovery dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and potential problems
• Proper techniques and safety considerations for object location, including use of various search
patterns, lines & reels
• Proper techniques & safety considerations for recovery of objects using various lifting devices
You will need 4 search & recovery dives to complete this specialty.


To enroll in the PADI Search & Recovery Diver Specialty, you must
• Be 12 years or older
• Have a PADI (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver certification (or have a qualifying certification from
another organization)

The Learning Materials You Need

• PADI Search & Recovery Diver manual

Course Fee

Php 15,500/person

• Instructions
• PADI Search & Recovery Diver Manual
• PADI Search & Recovery Diver Specialty certification card
Excludes: Resort related costs

Your Next Adventure
PADI Search & Recovery Diver certification counts toward your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating – the highest non-professional rating in recreational diving.

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